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Who is Vidaateb?

Vidaateb is a well-established company that provides highly personalized medical tourism services around the world, resulting in profound and life-changing experiences for its clients. The goal is to make the medical treatment experience as affordable, easy, enjoyable, and worry-free as possible. At Vidaateb, we share a passion for work, relationships, confidence, and life. 


Services of Vidaateb clinics

By using and connecting with the best medical specialists, clinics, and hospitals in any city in Iran, we want to leave you with a positive beauty surgery experience.

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Hollywood smile

In a composite toothpick, without a sharpener, a restorative material of the same color as the tooth is used, and this material is placed on the surface of the tooth and shaped by the dentist. It is a treatment session without a sharpener for the beauty of the teeth, their arrangement, and the correction of the shape of the teeth, as well as the removal of small impurities, and bridging the gap between the teeth and their yellowness.

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Before & After our services

Hair Transplant

Today, hair loss problems in young people are an important issue for many people. This makes hair loss problems embarrassing, especially in social gatherings. But with the use of modern technology in the field of medicine, you can get rid of this problem with a procedure.

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Nose Surgery

This advantage means that this method requires less anesthesia to perform rhinoplasty, and this factor is considered the most important issue for some plastic surgery seekers, and because of the smaller surgery in this operation, the duration of the procedure is less than 30 minutes.

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Some of our Doctors


1300$ PER TRIP

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Golden Package


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